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Home Equity Advisor Quick Check

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Many financial and life factors can influence the decisions you make about your home. Answer the questions below to see what options and solutions might work best for you.

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The top of my current list is to:


You may be considering using the equity in your home to meet a wide range of financial wants and needs in retirement.  

Is it time to make a decision?

Owning a home is a big responsibility. As your life circumstances change over time, your house and neighborhood may no longer fit your needs.


Am I thinking about moving?


People who are willing to sell their house have more options for accessing home equity. Those who want to stay in their current home for many years may need to make changes to the home so they can live there safely and comfortably.

* 3.

The following home-related issues concern me:


Maintaining an older house can become difficult and expensive, especially as we grow older. There may be programs for older adults, along with other community services, that can help.